Implementing mTLS in Go

development golang microservices

Introduction Mutual authentication with Transport Layer Security (mTLS) is a method for mutual authentication. It is often used in securing network communication between two services and ensures that the parties at each end of this communication are who they claim to be by verifying that they both have the correct private key. It has been a standard security and authentication mechanism in a service mesh like Istio, Linkerd, AWS App Mesh and others.

Microservices and cloud native development using Micro

development golang microservices

Introduction For the past few years, Microservices has been all the rage and it has helped a lot of organizations to adopt continuous delivery and evolve its technology stack. There are quite a few programming tool kits and platforms that have sprung up to enable building Microservices. One among them is Micro, which is a cloud native development platform that addresses the key requirements for building services in the cloud. In their latest version v3, Micro provides service discovery, pub/sub, transport protocols and many other features out of the box.


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